Mortgage Partnership Finance
Mortgage Partnership Finance
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About the MPF® Origination and Servicing Guides
The MPF Origination and Servicing Guides ("MPF Guides") consist of two volumes containing requirements for the origination or sale and servicing of mortgages secured by 1 - 4 unit single family properties under the MPF Program. These volumes are supplemented for the MPF Xtra® product with the MPF Xtra Manual.

The first volume, the Origination Guide, governs originations, and includes the MPF Underwriting Guide, Custody Manual, and forms and exhibits pertaining to delivering mortgages under the MPF Program. For ease of use, the Underwriting Guide is displayed separately, even though it is considered to be part of the MPF Origination Guide.

The second volume, the Servicing Guide, governs loan servicing and includes forms and exhibits pertaining to MPF loan servicing. The MPF Xtra Manual supplement provides an outline of the requirements for the MPF Xtra product which vary from the provisions of the MPF Origination, Underwriting, and Servicing Guides.

The MPF Origination and Servicing Guides are available electronically free of charge to the User via AllRegs® Online MPF Guides.

The AllRegs Online MPF Guides include the following features:
  • Free subscription to receive email alerts for all PFI Notices, PFI Advisories and PFI Marketing Bulletins as they are posted. To register, use the above link and click on the "E-mail Subscriptions" box once in the AllRegs hosted site.

  • Table of Contents

  • Search Feature

  • The effective date of the last update of each section or designated part of publication is highlighted for up to one year.

  • Printing individual sections or the entire Guide.
The MPF Program Origination Guide (including the MPF Underwriting Guide) covers:
  • General MPF Program Policies and Products

  • PFI Institutional Eligibility Requirements

  • Documentation and Underwriting Requirements

  • Loan Eligibility and Delivery Requirements

  • Quality Control Requirements

  • Document Custodial Requirements

  • Origination and custody Forms and Exhibits
The MPF Program Servicing Guide covers:
  • Servicer Eligibility Requirements

  • Document Custody Requirements

  • Accounting and Investor Reporting Requirements

  • Loan Servicing and Default Management Requirements

  • Loan Servicing Forms and Exhibits
The MPF Xtra Manual Covers:
  • Requirements specific to the MPF Xtra product

  • MPF specific forms and exhibits

MPF Program PFI Notices, PFI Advisories and PFI Marketing Bulletins
MPF Program Xtra PFI Notices and Xtra PFI Advisories

The MPF Program's PFI Notices provide periodic updates to the MPF Guides and MPF Xtra Manual. These updates include enhancements to programs, products, and revisions to current policy and procedures.

The PFI Advisories provide clarification, interpretation, or reminders of existing MPF Guide or program requirements.

The PFI Marketing Bulletins provide general announcements on new products, programs and initiatives concerning the MPF Program.