• MPF Xtra
    • Mar 2, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-11

    MPF Xtra® Investor Daily Reporting Reminder: Servicers must report mortgage loan activity daily to the Master Servicer.

    • MPF Original
    • Mar 1, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-10

    MPF Quality Control Reminders: PFI requirements for Pre-Closing and Post-Closing QC reviews and 4506-C and Tax Transcripts.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Feb 28, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-09

    MPF Xtra Servicing Guide Updates: Fannie Mae SVC-2022-01: Revised Short Sale and Mortgage Release eligibility requirements and updated the Allowable Foreclosure Attorney Fees Exhibit.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Feb 25, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-08

    MPF Xtra Selling Guide Updates : Fannie Mae SEL-2022-01 - Updates to: Desktop Appraisals, LLPA for HomePath, Asset Verifications, Bank Secrecy Act requirements.

    • MPF Original
    • Feb 23, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-07

    MPF Traditional COVID-19 Impact on Origination: Updates to COVID origination policies related to self-employment and removing expired guidance.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Feb 18, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-06

    MPF Xtra Advance Notice of Change to Investor Reporting Layout and Processes: Updates to the effective dates of the Investor Reporting Changes.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Feb 17, 2022

    MPF Marketing Bulletin 2022-04

    MPF Xtra Product: New Low Loan Balance Pricing option under the MPF Xtra® product.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Feb 16, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-05

    MPF Xtra COVID-19 Impact on Originations: Fannie Mae Lender Letter LL-2021-03 – Updates to COVID origination policies related to self-employment and furloughed borrowers.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Jan 24, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-04

    MPF Xtra Selling Guide Updates:Fannie Mae Lender Letter LL-2022-01 – Loan Level Price Adjustments (LLPA) for second homes and high balance loans.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Jan 20, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-03

    MPF Xtra Pre-Funding Certification: Updates to the MPF Xtra Guides and applicable Exhibits incorporating the pre-Funding Certification process.

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