Governance and Control Assurance Program

The FHLBank Chicago is committed to building and maintaining an appropriate control environment for the risks undertaken by the Bank and appreciates the need for members and other business partners to receive assurance on these governance controls. Our Governance and Control Assurance Program (GCAP) oversees how the Bank manages risks associated with technology and vendor relationships; members and other business partners can access our GCAP document which covers the majority of areas addressed in an SSAE18 report. Other financial and risk information is addressed in our Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, which can be found on the SEC’s reporting website. Any items requested that are not covered by the GCAP, our Member Products Guide, MPF Program Guides for Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), or our SEC filings are proprietary and we do not disclose them to our business partners.

Please click below to obtain a copy of the GCAP document. For additional information on the GCAP, please contact Thomas H.W. Harper, Executive Vice President and General Auditor, at

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