The MPF Program provides free, on-demand learning resources for our members. Some MPF webinars are recorded and made available on-demand. While we try to post only the most recent offerings, some of the information in these presentations may have changed since recording.

Always consult the MPF Guides for the most current information about MPF products and procedures.


How Well Do You Know MPF Xtra® Product Underwriting Guidelines? - May 2024
Construction to Permanent Loans: Guidelines for the MPF Traditional and MPF Xtra Products - April 2024
How Well Do You Know MPF Traditional Product Underwriting Guidelines? - May 2024
What’s Trending in MPF® Program Quality Control - February 2024
Introduction to Borrower Income Analysis - January 2024
The Basics of Loan Structuring - August 2023
The Basics of Analyzing Rental Income - August 2023
Title Insurance Basics - August 2023
Focus on Credit and Liabilities - September 2023


MPF® Traditional Product Loan Workout Options: Permanent Loan Modifications - January 2024
MPF Xtra® Product SMDU™ Integration Overview - March 2023
MPF Xtra Product: Default Servicing Additional Data Requests - October 2022
MPF Traditional Product: Loss Mitigation Options Overview - December 2023
eMAQCS®plus Default Management System: Exhibit B File Error Messaging Overview - July 2021
eMAQCS®plus Default Management System: How to Upload Supplemental Documentation - April 2021
eMAQCS®plus Default Management System: How to Submit Forms - April 2021
Exhibit B File Overview and Upload Process - April 2021
FHA Default Servicing Overview - December 2020
Introduction to eMAQCS®plus - March 2020


MPF® Traditional and MPF Xtra® Products: Document Release Process - February 2024
Reconciling Custodial Accounts - March 2024
MPF Xtra® Product Remittance and Reconciliation Updates - November 2022
Researching Turnaround Reports and Submitting Exception Clearing Reports - February 2024
MPF Xtra Product: Pre-Funding Certification Process - December 2021
MPF Traditional Product: Introduction to Investor Reporting - November 2021
MPF® Traditional Investor Reporting Overview - April 2020


Mortgage Insurance Cancellation Process - May 2024
MPF Quality Control Plans - March 2024
Why You Should Be Using the MPF Customer Service Portal - November 2023
MPF Program Annual Certification and Eligibility Process Overview - December 2023
eMPF® Website: Delegation of Authority Features - August 2021

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