This year has brought many challenges to how we operate, work and interact with each other.  Through it all, the MPF Program has adapted quickly to the changing needs of its community lenders, nationwide.  As we plan for 2021 and beyond, we want to maintain a continuous feedback loop and keep MPF Program Excellence in  Motion.

We continue to implement enhancements based on your feedback, streamlining processes and making the MPF Program easier to use through technological advancements.

Below is a list of exciting new developments on schedule for 2021: 


Click HERE for a complete list of ideas that were put into action and are now available.

Your feedback is valued now more than ever.  We want to know; how have the challenges of 2020 affected your community?  Do you view or use the MPF Program any differently?  What should the MPF Program focus on going forward?

Please submit your ideas via email or through our online form.








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