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  • February 20, 2018

MPF Announcement 2018-10

The MPF Program Announces New Layout on AllRegs® Website

Effective Date: Immediately

The MPF Program is pleased to announce that the MPF Program library on the AllRegs website has been reorganized to be more user-friendly. Links to this site have not changed, and are still available on https://www.fhlbmpf.com and/or may be accessed directly at https://www.allregs.com/.

MPF Announcements issued in 2017 and 2018 are now housed in a single location in chronological order to make the documents easier to locate. All MPF Announcements issued in 2018 and going forward will have more descriptive titles allowing users to easily identify the appropriate announcement. Similar changes have been made for MPF Marketing Bulletins. All MPF Announcements and MPF Marketing Bulletins issued in 2016 and prior have been relocated to the Archive folder.

Additionally, the MPF Program Guide, which is applicable to all MPF Mortgage Products, is now solely housed in the MPF Program Guide folder.

As a result of these changes, links to MPF Announcements in past AllRegs e-alerts will not be functional. However, links included in any future e-alerts will be operational.

Images of the new AllRegs layout can be found on the following page.

Image 1: Overall View of the AllRegs Layout Changes

Image 2: View of the MPF Announcement Descriptive Titles

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