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  • June 10, 2019

MPF Marketing Bulletin 2019-2

eMPF® Batch Enhancement

Effective Date: June 10, 2019

The new eMPF Website batch enhancement for MPF Traditional and MPF Government MBS products provides you with the option to edit loan data to clear errors and fund error free loans without the resubmission of a new batch file.

  • Increased efficiency: no longer need to re-export a loan (ULDD) file from your LOS system
  • On-screen editing to correct batch errors
  • Saving feature: you now have the ability to save your work and come back at a later time
  • Easier to navigate: sorting features allow you to find which loans need attention

Please note that these enhancements are all optional. No existing functionality has been removed from eMPF.

The eMPF batch enhancement is just the start! Watch out for future eMPF enhancements coming in 2019 based on your feedback.

Contact your local FHLBank or the MPF Service Center (877-345-2673) with any questions.

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