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  • May 28, 2020

MPF Announcement 2020-33

Delinquent Mortgage & Bankruptcy Status Report (Exhibit B) Reminders

Effective Date: Immediately 

The MPF Program reminds PFIs and Servicers that delinquent mortgage loans (i.e. loans that are 30 days or more delinquent as of the last day of the preceding month or any loan in active Bankruptcy regardless of current status) must be reported via eMAQCS® Plus monthly using the format in the Delinquent Mortgage & Bankruptcy Status Report (Exhibit B).

The MPF Program also reminds PFIs and Servicers to report accurate Action Codes on the Delinquent Mortgage & Bankruptcy Status Report (Exhibit B) submitted via eMAQCS® Plus monthly. Servicers are also reminded that the Action Code is also a required field on their Monthly Accounting Reports that continue to be submitted to the Master Servicer (Wells Fargo). The Action Codes on both reports should not differ from one another. The complete list of actions codes are:

MPF Servicing Guide two digit Action Codes

00 = No Action

12 = Relief Provision

15 = Bankruptcy

20 = Loss Mitigation

30 = Refer to Foreclosure

60 = Paid in Full

65 = Repurchase

70 = REO

71 = 3rd Party Sale

72 = REO with Government Claim

As a reminder, Borrowers who have entered into a COVID-19 forbearance agreement should be reported utilizing the instructions provided below even if the Borrower was current at time they entered into the forbearance.

To help with the transition, the MPF Program is highlighting common challenges and providing reminders to ensure there are no delays/issues when submitting the Delinquent Mortgage & Bankruptcy Status Report (Exhibit B).

Common Exhibit B Submission Challenges

  1. Delinquent Mortgage & Bankruptcy Status Report (Exhibit B) format used did not meet the format requirements as provided in the applicable MPF Servicing Guides:
  2. Incorrect MPF Loan Number reported:
    • MPF Loan Number is a required field on the Exhibit B. It is the LOAN_NBR field. This is the loan number assigned by the MPF Program and is not the Servicer loan number. Omit leading zeros in LOAN_NBR field since this is an excel file.
  3. Missing Required Fields:
    • Required fields must be provided by the PFI/Servicers when submitting the Exhibit B in eMAQCS Plus. See the Field Rules provided in the Exhibit B Instructions found in the MPF Guides.
  4. Wrong Data Type in specified Date Type field
    • All date fields should show an actual date, not N/A or NA, etc. If no data or date to report and field is not required, leave blank.
    • The dates must be entered into the date column as follows: MM/DD/YYYY. Omit leading zeros in MM/DD since this is an excel file
  5. Data List Validation Failed:
  • See the Field Descriptions and Data Guidance provided in the Exhibit B Instructions found in the MPF Guides for a list of acceptable values associated with each field, if applicable. For example, for the LOAN_TYPE field, data reported must match one of the applicable loan types provided: FHA, VA, Conventional, Rural Housing Service, HUD 184, or Conventional with PMI.

Reminder of How to Correctly Report Forbearance and COVID-19 Related Agreements

Action Codes provided on Exhibit B help to identify what actions have or have not occurred in the workout process.

  • Action Code 12- should be reported if there is an informal agreement with the Borrower (i.e. a forbearance plan less than or equal to three months).
  • Action Code 20- should be reported if there is a formal agreement signed by the Borrower AND the forbearance plan is greater than 3 months along with the following information:
  • Loss Mitigation Type should reflect FFA (Formal Forbearance Agreement)
  • The approval date must be provided.
  • An estimated date of completion (or actual completion date) should be provided.
  • In the Comments Section indicate the terms of the forbearance (i.e. full payment, P&I only, etc.).
  • Delinquency Status Code for Forbearance is 09
  • To identify mortgage loans where the Borrower has experienced a hardship associated with COVID-19, the Delinquency Reason Code should be 022 (Energy-Environment Costs).
  • Please note that instead of adding a new code at this time, we are using an existing code that is used infrequently.
  • In the rare case of loans already being reported with the Reason Code of 022, those loans should now use Reason Code 007 (Excessive Obligations).

Successful Delinquent Mortgage & Bankruptcy Status Report (Exhibit B) Upload:

A successful upload looks as follows:

As a reminder, for assistance with questions related to Exhibit B submissions, eMAQCS Plus, and Default Management, Servicers should contact the MPF Service Center at 877-FHLB-MPF (877-345-2673), and utilize the new call option for Default Management related questions (option 3) or via email at MPF-Help@fhlbc.com

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