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  • July 15, 2020

MPF Marketing Bulletin 2020-12

MPF Service Center Introduces New Customer Service Management System

The MPF Program is excited to announce the upcoming implementation of our new Customer Service Management (CSM) system, ServiceNow. ServiceNow will have a phased implementation and provide the MPF Service Center with a centralized intake method to submit and track cases as well as a new process to handle case resolution.

Initial Changes:

  • ServiceNow creates a case for every documented call or emailed inquiry. You will receive an email from MPF-Help@fhlbc.com when a case is created and resolved.
  • Upon resolution of every case, a quick survey will be sent allowing you to provide feedback. Your valued feedback is appreciated and used to maintain and improve the customer service experience.

Our new CSM system is scheduled for implementation during August 2020* and will set the stage for future enhancements.

Future Enhancements!

  • Ability to track and submit your own case(s)
  • A chat option to provide immediate assistance on commonly asked questions
  • Knowledge communities for peer discussions on MPF Program related topics
Continue to contact the MPF Service Center as you do today, by phone or email and stay tuned for more information on the official implementation dates.

*Dates are subject to change                                           

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