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  • June 25, 2021

MPF Marketing Bulletin 2021-14

Customer Service Management (CSM) System Supporting Requests for MPF Default Management

Effective Date: June 28, 2021

In 2020, the MPF Program implemented a new Customer Service Management (CSM) system, enhancing how the MPF Service Center communicates and supports you, our customers.

Starting Monday, June 28, 2021, our CSM system will also be supported by our Default Management team:

  • When sending an email to MPFDefaultServicing@fhlbc.com or calling the MPF Servicer Center directly at (877) 345- 2673, and selecting the Default Management Call Option (#3) you will receive an email notification about a case being created in ServiceNow. This lets you know that your question has been logged as a case and is being addressed by the MPF Default Management team.
  • You may receive periodic email notifications on your case which can include comments or questions from an MPF Default Management representative, resolution details, or an update in the status. You may reply directly to these emails with questions or comments.
  • Please be mindful, as ServiceNow email notifications may end up in your Junk or Spam folders containing important updates to your case.

  • Upon case resolution, you will receive an email notification with resolution details regarding your case.

With every case you are provided an opportunity to complete a quick survey on your customer experience. We value your feedback!

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