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  • September 2, 2022

MPF Marketing Bulletin 2022-08

eMPF® Updates: Enhancements to Delivery Commitment View and Reports

Effective: September 6, 2022

In the spirit of MPF Program Excellence, we are happy to announce upcoming system enhancements to eMPF that will provide more clarification on the flexibility of Delivery Commitment (DC) options available and more loan level details for reporting.

Beginning September 6, 2022, PFIs will notice the following enhancements:

Delivery Commitment View

  • Loan Rates & Agent Fees Help Icon stating “Loans may be delivered into the Note Rate range listed below”.

Marketing Bulletin 2022-08

Delivery Commitment Report

Delivery Commitment Report Help Icon stating “Remittance Type and Comments are included on the download report".

Marketing Bulletin 2022-08.3.1

Funded and Unfunded DC Report

Added two new fields to the Funded and Unfunded DC Report: Remittance Type (Column Q) and Comments (Column R). Note: if this report is used to import data into your systems internally, the addition of the new columns may require an adjustment to your existing import processes.

Marketing Bulletin 2022-08.2

New Delivery Commitment Report

‘Loans may be delivered into the Note Rate range listed below” wording added for clarification on the New Delivery Commitment Report.

Marketing Bulletin 2022-08.3

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