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  • December 19, 2022

MPF Marketing Bulletin 2022-10

Introducing the MPF Customer Service Portal

Effective DateDecember 19, 2022

The MPF Customer Service Portal (Portal) is now available to all Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) and Servicers. The Portal serves as an additional way to interact with the MPF Service Center and obtain knowledge on common MPF Program processes.

The Portal (preview below) includes the following features to assist PFIs and Servicers navigating through the MPF Program:

  • Case Management ­– the ability to open new cases, track the status of existing cases, and provide additional feedback on cases.
  • Knowledge Articles – find information on common MPF Program processes.
  • Knowledge Communities – connect with other PFIs on mortgage related topics.
  • Chat Bot Feature – interact with our new MPF ServiceBot, an automated chat bot providing immediate assistance or request to communicate with a live MPF Service Center representative.

Please review our on-demand webinar and presentation for more information and an in-depth preview of the Portal.

Portal Access / Credentials

PFIs and Servicers can begin to access the Portal via eMPF® and the MPF Website:


MPF Website

The Portal is a secure environment and requires log-in credentials (User ID/password). A users’ Portal credentials are based on their current access to eMPF:

  • PFI and/or Servicer contacts with eMPF access can use their existing eMPF credentials to access the Portal
  • PFI and/or Servicer contacts without eMPF access should have received their temporary credentials over the December 17/18 weekend

You can verify your access to eMPF by selecting the “Forgot User ID?” link on the eMPF login page. If you have eMPF access you will receive an email including your eMPF UserID. If you do not have access to eMPF, you will receive an error message upon submission.

PFIs and Servicers still have the ability to contact the MPF Service Center via phone (877-345-2673) and/or email (MPF-Help@fhlbc.com).

If you have access/login questions, please contact your eMPF Security Administrator or reach out to the MPF Service Center.


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