• MPF 125, MPF 35, MPF Xtra
  • November 3, 2023

MPF Announcement 2023-85

MPF Traditional & MPF Xtra – Request for Release of Documents Reminder

Effective Date: Immediately (unless otherwise noted within)

Pursuant to the MPF Guides, Servicers are reminded of their obligation to submit a Request for Release of Documents (Form SG340) to the MPF Program Custodian, Computershare within five (5) calendar days following a payoff or liquidation of a mortgage loan.

In efforts to ensure requests are submitted in a timely manner, the MPF Program will be distributing a monthly report that will include a list of mortgage loans that have been liquidated but have collateral files that have not been requested for release form the MPF Program Custodian.

Effective November, the report will be distributed via email to the designated authorized individuals as provided for in eMPF® and will be sent every month after the monthly reporting remittance day.

Upon receipt of the report, Servicers are encouraged to complete the release requests as soon as possible by submitting a complete Form SG340 via email to mpfreleaseteam@computershare.com  for processing.

Please refer to MPF Custody Bulk Release of Custody Documents for guidance on submitting more than one release request. As a reminder, for bulk requests Servicers must list mortgage loans in an excel file before submitting the request to the MPF Program Custodian.

Please contact the MPF Service Center with any questions or assistance regarding reporting (877-FHLB-MPF).

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