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  • December 18, 2023

MPF Marketing Bulletin 2023-11

Domain Whitelisting Needed – Enhancing Your Email Experience

Effective DateImmediately (unless otherwise noted)

In the coming weeks, the MPF Program will be upgrading our corporate communications email system, and your team may notice some changes to the look, feel, and other details when you receive emails from us.

As a part of this transition, we kindly request your assistance to ensure you continue to receive important updates, notifications, and communications from us without interruption. These changes will not impact your ability to communicate directly to us and your key contacts at the MPF Program through email.

How to Prepare and Whitelist Our Email Domains

To guarantee a seamless experience, we ask that you and your team whitelist the following email domains:

  • fhlbmpf.com
  • e.fhlbmpf.com

Whitelisting our email domains ensures that our emails are recognized as safe and trusted by your email provider. By doing so, you can help prevent our messages from being filtered into your spam or junk folders, which could lead to missed communications and important announcements. If you need assistance whitelisting these domains, we recommend reaching out to your IT department or email service provider.

You may also notice our emails will look slightly different and that content within emails may be hosted on “e.fhlbmpf.com” domains. Please note that links and images within these emails are from the MPF Program and are safe.

We greatly appreciate your attention to this matter, as it will help ensure you and your organization continue to receive important updates and communications from us. Thank you for your continued trust and cooperation. We look forward to providing you with an even better communication experience following this email system upgrade.

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