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  • February 1, 2024

MPF Marketing Bulletin 2024-01

MPF Program 2023 Communication Summary

Effective Date: Immediately

For ease of reference, the MPF Program is providing a comprehensive list of all MPF Marketing Bulletins and Announcements published in 2023.

MPF Announcements and MPF Marketing Bulletins can be accessed via the MPF Website or on Allregs.

As a reminder, PFIs can subscribe to receive communications directly from the MPF Website and have the ability to customize the types of MPF Communications they wish to receive. PFIs are able to manage their communication subscription profile by selecting to receive Selling and/or Servicing communications by MPF Product. To subscribe or manage the subscription, visit the MPF Communication webpage.

The MPF Program continues to utilize AllRegs as a distribution method for E-Alerts, MPF Announcements, and MPF Marketing Bulletins.

 If you have any questions, please contact the MPF Service Center at (877) 345-2673.

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