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  • April 11, 2024

MPF Marketing Bulletin 2024-03

MPF Guide Updates Coming Soon

Effective DateImmediately (unless otherwise noted)

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing efficient and user-friendly resources, we are thrilled to announce that our MPF Guides (Guides) will be reformatted improving thier appearance and functionality. While the Guides may visually look different, none of the information within the Guides will be altered other than removing any footnotes dated prior to January 1, 2024. Previous versions of the guides can be found in the archived folder in Allregs.

These reformatted Guides will be gradually added to the MPF Customer Service Portal (Portal), MPF Website and Allregs over the next few weeks, and should all be available early May.

 In addition to being posted on Allregs and on fhlbmpf.com, the guides will now also be available under the Knowledge section of the MPF Customer Service Portal, accessed through “Browse Knowledge” on the homepage.

 As a reminder the Portal includes the following features:

  • Case Management – the ability to open new cases, track the status of existing cases, and provide additional feedback on cases.
  • Knowledge Articles – find information on common MPF Program processes.
  • Knowledge Communities – connect with other PFIs on mortgage related topics.
  • Chat Bot Feature –an automated chat bot providing immediate assistance or request to communicate with a live MPF Service Center representative.

Your input is essential in our continuous efforts to enhance your customer experience. We strongly encourage you to complete the quick customer satisfaction surveys at the completion of every case or share your thoughts through the Feedback option within the Portal.

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