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  • April 25, 2024

MPF Announcement 2024-26

MPF Government MBS – Reporting Requirement Update

Effective Date: August 1, 2024

The Investor for the MPF Government MBS Product, Ginnie

Mae published APM 23-05, implementing the collection of additional loan-level data elements to be incorporated as part of the investor reporting process.

 Effective August 1st, 2024, Servicers are required to include the following new data points when reporting to the Master Servicer:

  • Actual Payment Date – the date the last scheduled payment was received.
  • Curtailment Principal Code – Include a code indicating the type of curtailment reported.
  • Actual Loan UPB – Loan UPB is revised to Actual Loan UPB and defined as the amount of the principal balance remaining on the loan after application of the last installment received from the mortgagor prior to liquidation.

To ensure compliance with Investor requirements, Servicers must use one of the following formats for reporting the June monthly data: 

  • Upload the ASCII File Format (Exhibit C) and attach one of the updated Microsoft Excel supplemental files that include the new fields.


  • Upload the updated Excel File Format (Exhibit D) that includes the new fields.

    To ensure readiness, Servicers are encouraged to upload a test file using one of the updated reporting formats prior to the mandatory effective date.

    As a reminder, PFIs and Servicers can contact the MPF Service Center using one of the following options for assistance:

  • MPF Customer Service Portal
  • Email: MPF-Help@fhlbc.com
  • Phone: (877) 345-2673


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