• MPF Xtra
    • Jan 12, 2023

    MPF Announcement 2023-04

    MPF Xtra Servicing Guide Updates: Pursuant to Lender Letter LL-2022-07, publishing guidance regarding HAMP end date acceleration.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Jan 6, 2023

    MPF Announcement 2023-03

    MPF Xtra Selling Guide Updates: Pursuant to SEL-2022-10 updates to Valuation options for deed-restricted properties, temporary leave income, use of business assets, and property insurance requirements.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Jan 5, 2023

    MPF Announcement 2023-02

    MPF Xtra Servicing Guide Updates: Pursuant to SVC-2022-08 updates to property, flood, and insurance, clarified compensatory fees for delinquency status reporting, and updated allowable foreclosure attorney fees and costs.

    • MPF Original
    • Jan 4, 2023

    MPF Announcement 2023-01

    MPF Program Guide Updates: Fidelity and E&O Requirement Clarifications, Verification of Appraisal updates, and MPF Directory Updates.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Dec 30, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-72

    MPF Origination and Underwriting Policy Updates: 2023 Allowable Points and Fees

    • MPF Xtra
    • Dec 30, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-71

    MPF Xtra Servicing Guide Updates: Pursuant to LL-2022-08, temporary guidance on the provisional acceptance of property insurance policies in Florida in conjunction with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation’s (FLOIR).

    • MPF Government MBS
    • Dec 28, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-70

    MPF Government MBS Data Validation Checklist Updated: In efforts to improve the data validation process Exhibit S-M was updated.

    • MPF Original
    • Dec 27, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-69

    COVID-19 Related Servicing Guidance for MPF Traditional (Conventional) Loans: Adjusted COVID-19 Loan Modification Interest Rate.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Dec 20, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-68

    MPF Xtra Repurchase Reporting Requirement Update: Effective immediately, Servicers do not have to submit the removal transaction in their Investor reporting at month end.

    • MPF Original
    • Dec 20, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-67

    The MPF Program’s 2023 Investor Reporting Calendars

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