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  • January 13, 2021

MPF Marketing Bulletin 2021-01

Improving the MPF Customer Experience

Effective DateImmediately

We would like to thank you for your continued support and business. 2020 certainly challenged us all in ways we could not have imagined, and the MPF Program was no exception. As an example, our MPF Service Center experienced a significant increase in the number of calls received and complexity due to record loan volume and a shift in product mix. We apologize to those of you that may have endured increased wait times when contacting the MPF Service Center for support. We have made adjustments along the way, and in December, we again increased the MPF Service Center staff to assist with call times and email requests.

As a reminder, the MPF Service Center is available via email, MPF-Help@fhlbc.com. Emails are directly tied into our customer service system and receive the same level of attention as a phone call.

Our Default Management process was also impacted by the unique challenges you and your borrowers experienced in 2020. Recently, we have further increased our Default Management staff to provide additional assistance when supporting your borrowers to improve our response times to a level you require.

Upcoming 2021 Enhancements

In 2021, we are expanding ways in which you can interact with the MPF Program. In Q1, we are enhancing the MPF Xtra Delivery Commitment (DC) process to provide you more control when managing your DCs. This enhancement will provide you the ability to manage your own MPF Xtra DC extensions and reductions directly in eMPF®, rather than having to call the MPF Service Center for assistance. 

For the default management process, we continue to make monthly enhancements to our new eMAQCS®plus system based on your feedback.  In Q1, we will have new functionality allowing for bulk uploads of loss mitigation requests in eMAQCSplus.

Also, scheduled in 2021, the MPF Service Center is implementing the following updates to our Customer Service Management (CSM) system rolled out in 2020:

  • Ability to track and submit your own case(s) when interacting with the MPF Service Center
  • A chat feature to provide immediate assistance on commonly asked questions
  • Access to Knowledge Articles for more information on products, technology, and processes
  • Knowledge communities for peer discussions on MPF Program related topics

We will notify you when these enhancements are available so you can begin to take full advantage of the new functionality and features. Please continue to contact the MPF Service Center as you do today, by phone or email.



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