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  • February 26, 2021

MPF Marketing Bulletin 2021-05

Enhancements to the MPF Program and MPF Product Selling and Servicing Guides Available on AllRegs® 

Effective Date: Immediately 

The MPF Program is pleased to announce that we have completed the enhancements to the MPF Program Guide, the Selling and Servicing Guides for MPF Traditional, MPF Xtra and MPF Government MBS (MPF Guides) and the MPF Custody Manual that are published on Allregs.com. As previously announced in MPF Marketing Bulletin 2020-23, with this conversion the MPF Guides now have the following enhancements and features:

  • HTML Re-Implementation
  • Enhanced Search Features
  • Investor Quick View/ Modal Implementation
  • Archiving and Revision History

Examples of some of the above enhancements are being provided in this MPF Marketing Bulletin.

As a reminder, this conversion applies solely to the MPF Program Guide and MPF Product specific Selling and Servicing Guides for MPF Traditional, MPF Xtra, MPF Government MBS and the MPF Custody manual that are published on Allregs.com. The MPF Guides that are published on the MPF Website (www.fhlbmpf.com) will remain in PDF format. 

HTML Reimplementation:

  • The MPF Guides and MPF Custody Manual will have enhanced functionality provided through HTML format including improved search ability, logic layout and will provide a similar viewing experience to that of other investors, such as Fannie Mae.
  • The publication date of each guide will be provided in the main title [ex: MPF Program Guide (12/2/2020)]
  • Revision dates for each chapter are contained in each chapter/subchapter heading [ex: 1.1 Copyright (3/28/17) and 1.2.10 Construction of Guides (3/28/17)].
  • Related announcements and their publication dates are also now referenced in each applicable chapter section.

Enhanced Search Features:

Users will now be able to easily navigate to a specific guide section within the populated search results and will no longer have to search within the PDF document.  Enter search term and applicable sections will populate. You will then navigate to specific section instead of searching entire PDF. Search terms will automatically be highlighted in selected section. (Click here to see a quick demo from AllRegs on utilizing their improved search functionality).

Investor Quick View/ Modal Implementation:

This enhancement allows the MPF Program to link directly to the most recent Investor content that is referenced in the MPF Guides. For example, it will allow a user to easily navigate from the MPF Xtra Selling and Servicing Guides directly to the referenced content for Fannie Mae. When a user selects the highlighted reference to a specific Fannie Mae guide section they will automatically be directed to the applicable Fannie Mae section.

Archiving and Revision History:

This feature provides the ability for users to see the applicable revision histories. As updates are made to sections and chapters of the MPF Guides and the MPF Custody Manual throughout the calendar year, the previous versions are linked in the document headers. An annual archive library is published in the table of contents so that the annual snapshots of the MPF Guides are memorialized year over year.

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