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  • April 28, 2023

Marketing Bulletin 2023-04

New MPF Program Announcement Format

Effective Date Immediately (unless otherwise noted)

In an effort to minimize the number of MPF Program related communications PFIs and Servicers receive, the MPF Program is implementing a new announcement format. 

Instead of receiving email alerts for each individual MPF Announcement, going forward, where appropriate, announcement publication dates will be consolidated and only one communication will be emailed. When necessary individual announcements will still be circulated.

The emailed MPF Announcement summary will provide a list of all the announcements published on that date, providing links to the individual MPF Announcements. The summarizing MPF Announcement will be categorized by either all Selling or all Servicing communications.

PFIs and Servicers should refer to the individual MPF Announcement for the specific requirements and detailed guidance being provided.

The new format will also allow for more consistent webinar reminders and any other MPF Program updates. MPF Announcements will continue to be published as they have been on the MPF Website and on AllRegs.

For a sample format of the announcement summary see the next page.

If you have any questions, please contact the MPF Service Center at (877) 345-2673.

As a reminder, PFIs can subscribe to receive communications directly from the MPF Website and have the ability to customize the types of MPF Communications they wish to receive. PFIs are able to manage their communication subscription profile by selecting to receive Selling and/or Servicing communications by MPF Product. To subscribe or manage the subscription, visit the MPF Communication webpage.

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