• MPF 125, MPF 35
  • July 28, 2023

MPF Announcements 2023-56

MPF Traditional Guides Updates - Address Confidentiality Programs

Effective Date: Immediately (unless otherwise noted)

To align with recent industry updates, The MPF Program is announcing the following updates to the MPF Traditional Selling Guide and Servicing Guide to reflect compliance with applicable statutes in states that offer any Address Confidentiality Programs:

  • MPF Traditional Selling Guide: Addition of the mailing address as an additional data point during submission and use of Special Feature Code (SFC) 877 when borrower is enrolled in a State Address Confidentiality Program.(See Section 14.3 - Data to Be Submitted)

  • MPF Traditional Servicing Guide: Additional guidance during transferring or assumption of servicing, including requirement that the transferring PFI or Servicer must provide notice of enrollment in a state Address Confidentiality Program and the borrowers mailing address to the transferee Servicer. (See Section 1.2.1-Notifying the MPF Provider and Section 13.3.4-Delivery Process)

PFIs and Servicers must notify the MPF Provider within 5 calendar days of receiving notification that a Borrower has enrolled in, or has unenrolled in, one of these programs.

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