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  • August 14, 2023

MPF Program Announcements 2023-S06

MPF Program Announcements

This document contains multiple MPF Program Announcements being published on this date. 

PFIs and Servicers must refer to the actual MPF Announcement for the specific requirements and guidance.

MPF Announcement 2023-58MPF Program Custodian Required

MPF Guides updated to reflect the new requirement that PFIs and Servicers use the MPF Program Custodians and can no longer obtain approval from their MPF Bank/MPF Provider to use a third party custodian or act as their own custodian.

MPF Announcement 2023-59MPF Program Guide Updates - Loss of Confidential Information/Security Incident

Updates made to the Program Guide to provide more clarity around reporting to both the MPF Bank and MPF Provider.

MPF Announcement 2023-60: MPF Guide Updates – Credit Enhancement Income

As previously announced in MPF Marketing Bulletin 2023-06, updated the MPF Guides by replacing references "Credit Enhancement Fee" with "Credit Enhancement Income".

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MPF Program would like to remind PFIs and Servicers that the MPF Program policies related to delivery and servicing of mortgage loans affected by major disasters are included in the product specific MPF Selling/Servicing Guides.

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