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    • MPF Xtra
    • Oct 24, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-50

    MPF Xtra® Delinquent Reporting Update: To ensure that loss mitigation efforts for MPF Xtra® mortgage loans are processed in accordance to the Investor’s required time frames and guidelines, the MPF® Program is implementing a reporting enhancement.

    • MPF Government
    • Oct 20, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-49

    MPF Government MBS Buyout Authority for Loans Impacted by Hurricane Fiona and Hurricane Ian

    • MPF Xtra
    • Oct 17, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-48

    MPF Xtra Account Remittance and Account Reconciliation Process Changes

    • MPF Original
    • Oct 14, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-47

    Updates to the MPF Traditional Selling Guide-Expedited (Streamline) Refinances and Rate and Term Refinances

    • MPF Xtra
    • Oct 12, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-46

    MPF Xtra Selling Guide Updates: Pursuant to SEL-2022-08, Personal Gifts updated to include additional acceptable donors and clarified requirements for evidence of transfer of gift funds.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Oct 5, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-45

    MPF Program Updates: MI Name Change Genworth to Enact

    • MPF Government MBS
    • Oct 4, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-44

    MPF Program Major Disaster Policy Reminder

    • MPF Government MBS
    • Oct 4, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-43

    MPF Program Reminder PFIs Originating, Selling, and/or Servicing mortgage loans PFIs are responsible for ensuring all applicable MPF Program and product specific guidelines are met, as set forth in the applicable MPF Guides and applicable communications.

    • MPF Original
    • Sep 22, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-42

    COVID-19 Related Servicing Guidance for MPF Traditional (Conventional) Loans: Adjusted COVID-19 Loan Modification Interest Rate and for clarification, a provision regarding partial Trial Plan Period Payments in Exhibit D was removed.

    • MPF 125
    • Sep 2, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-41

    MPF Traditional: Eligibility of ACE Appraisal Waivers & Field Review Updates

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