Effective Date:
 Starting Q1 2022 

In an effort to keep you informed of changes that affect the way you do business under the MPF Xtra product, we have created this webpage to provide information on the modifications to help you through this transition period.

The MPF Program has recently announced two upcoming operational modifications to the MPF Xtra product as a result of changes required by Fannie Mae (MPF Marketing Bulletin 2021-19):

  • Custody (Pre-Funding Certification)
  • Investor Reporting (Daily Method / Format)




Custody (Pre-Funding Certification)

Effective: February 1, 2022

All loan purchases under the MPF Xtra product, regardless of when the Delivery Commitment was entered, will need to have the Note certified with our document custodian, Computershare, prior to the completion of the loan funding transaction. Your processes must allow for additional time within your Delivery Commitment (lock) term to obtain the document custody certification of the Note prior to the investor’s, and therefore the MPF Program’s, purchase of the loan. 


Investor Reporting (Daily Method / Format)

Effective: March 2, 2022 (unless otherwise noted)

All Servicers will be required to report daily to the Master Servicer and will be required to transition to reporting utilizing the Fannie Mae Expanded Loan Activity Report (LAR 96).

To prepare for this transition, the MPF Program is providing an implementation timeline below: 

  • Effective with March 2022 Mortgage Loan Activity:
    • All Servicers will be required to report daily

  • Effective with March 2022 Mortgage Loan Activity through June 2022 Mortgage Loan Activity:
    • Acceptable formats for reporting daily:
      • current MPF Xtra Layouts (Exhibit C and Exhibit D), or
      • expanded LAR 96
    • During this time period, PFIs can test the expanded LAR 96 format with the Master Servicer. Testing is for format purposes only, not content.

  • Effective with July 2022 Mortgage Loan Activity:
    • All Servicers must be reporting daily using the Fannie Mae expanded LAR 96
    • The current MPF Xtra Layouts (Exhibit C and Exhibit D) will no longer be accepted

Custody (Pre-Funding Certification) Resources

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Investor Reporting (Daily Method / Format) Resources

Electronic Transmission - LAR 96 File Layout (NEW)
On-Demand Webinars (Updated December 17, 2021):
Investor Reporting Changes:
MPF Communications (related to Investor Reporting changes):
MPF Guide Updates:

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