• MPF Xtra
    • Sep 2, 2022

    MPF Marketing Bulletin 2022-08

    MPF Program Announces eMPF® Enhancements to the Delivery Commitment View and Reports

    • MPF 125
    • Sep 2, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-41

    MPF Traditional: Eligibility of ACE Appraisal Waivers & Field Review Updates

    • MPF Original
    • Aug 22, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-40

    MPF Traditional: Colonial Savings Concurrent Servicing Sale Manual Updates

    • MPF Original
    • Aug 15, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-39

    COVID-19 Related Servicing Guidance for MPF Traditional (Conventional) Loans: Adjusted COVID-19 Loan Modification Interest Rate, Retired MPF COVID-19 Resource Center, Incorporated Guidance for Borrowers experiencing non-COVID-19 hardships.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Aug 10, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-38

    MPF Xtra Selling Guide Updates: Pursuant to SEL-2022-07, Allowance of Lender-funded grants for certain transactions, verbal verification of employment alternative added, DU updated verification of income to be reflected in U.S. dollars.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Aug 9, 2022

    MPF Marketing Bulletin 2022-07

    New MPF Program Resources Available!

    • MPF Original
    • Aug 8, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-37

    MPF Traditional Selling and Servicing Guide Updates: Escrow Account Waiver requirements, Eligibility Requirements, Virtual Currency, Military VOE and Occupancy, 4506-C and Tax Transcripts, Loan Modification Documentation Requirements.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Aug 1, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-36

    MPF Xtra Selling and Servicing Guide Clarifications: Updating ineligible transactions, Removing Post-Funding Certification, Re-Amortization Requirements, Property Inspections, IRS Reporting Requirements.

    • MPF Xtra
    • Jul 29, 2022

    MPF Announcement 2022-35

    MPF Xtra Servicing Guide Update: Added specificity to the guide to assist Servicers reporting Third Party Acquisitions or REO Property Acquisitions.

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